Yahoo Mail Is Down – 02.04.2014 Update

Yahoo Mail is having server issues for what feels like the millionth time

Yahoo Mail is once more facing some issues as users cannot log into their accounts.

The issue hasn’t been going on for long, but since this is Yahoo Mail we’re talking about, it could take a long while before things are back to normal.

Users are reporting that they are unable to connect to the server and an error is displayed explaining this.

As usual, there’s no type of detail given out by Yahoo at this point, not even whether they’ve located the issue and are working on it or not.

As a reminder, Yahoo has had quite a bit of issues with Mail in the past few months, including an outage that lasted for several days. Some users even reported problems a few weeks later, although most of them promised to switch to another service.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.

Update: Yahoo's home page is also having some issues and Flickr is running slow as well. However, some users are sporadically getting access to their Yahoo Mail accounts.

Update 2: In what seems to have become a habit, Yahoo is keeping quiet about the issues behind the outage.

Update 3: Yahoo is working on the issue, a spokesperson said.

Update 4: Yahoo Mail is up and running for me. According to user complaints, however, there are plenty other users experiencing issues.

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