Yahoo Mail Gets a Major Marissa Mayer-Led Redesign

The site and all the apps are getting a big revamp

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer has been all talk so far, but she's starting to churn out some actual results, starting with a major redesign of the most important piece of technology the company has, Yahoo Mail.

The new Yahoo Mail is a complete revamp on the web and the Android app. What's more, there are now Yahoo Mail iPhone and Windows 8 apps.

To make it clear that this is a big change and that Yahoo Mail is an important part of Yahoo, Mayer herself penned the announcement.

"You’ve told us loud and clear that you want fewer distractions when it comes to email. You want to quickly login, communicate, and get on with your day. And we’ve listened. Starting today, the new Yahoo! Mail is fast, easy and available anywhere you go," she said.

The apps are already available in their respective app stores. Current Android users will get updated soon enough. Web users will get the new site over the next few days, it's a gradual roll-out but everyone will receive it very soon.

It's hard to make out the details of the new site, but even from the poor resolution screenshot Yahoo provides, it's clear that Mail is getting a cleaner interface, much more similar to Gmail's than the current one.

UPDATE: Here's a screenshot tour of the new Yahoo Mail in action.


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