Yahoo Loses Editor-in-Chief

Jai Singh quit the company, reports indicate, although the reasons are unclear

Yahoo has recently fired its Chief Operating Officer, Henrique de Castro, but now it looks like the company will also be losing its Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh.

Singh joined Yahoo back in 2011. Previously, he worked for Huffington Post and ran CNET Networks.

According to Re/code, as per Marissa Mayer’s internal memo, the media unit will now be run by Kathy Savitt, a marketing exec. This may not be the best decision, but it could be just a temporary one.

Furthermore, it looks like Mike Kens, senior vice president of Homepage and Verticals, will be the direct chief of Ken Fucks, head of entertainment, games and sports, as well as of Rob Barrett, who heads the news and finance sections.

Yahoo has expressed its desire to focus on content, taking several steps in this direction in recent months, including some key hires, such as Katie Couric, the television news anchor.

Other important media names that Mayer hired are Megan Liberman, former deputy news editor at the New York Times, tech reviewer David Pogue and political journalist Matt Bai from the New York Times.

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