Yahoo Launches New Tech Site and Food E-zine

Marissa Mayer introduced two new additions to Yahoo's ever-growing editorial offer

Marissa Mayer made so many announcements during Yahoo’s CES 2014 keynote that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Aside from the encrypted email, the new iPhone News Digest app and new ad platforms, the company has also launched some new sites.

Yahoo Food and Yahoo Tech are two new sites that the company has just introduced. Yahoo Tech stands beside News and Business and provides news about the tech world, while Yahoo Food is a new digital magazine.

The company is putting users ahead of its own profits and it won’t be displaying ads on Yahoo tech. This is one of their efforts to bring a new audience category to the sites, particularly one that’s looking for sites that aren’t s cluttered.

As for Yahoo Food, Marissa Mayer said that digital magazines were a core part of the company’s long-term vision.

The bottom line is that both sites look quite youthful, with large pictures or GIFs and the headline displayed on top. It reminds me of some of the themes that are so popular on Tumblr, as well as of Pinterest’s homepage.

This is how Yahoo Food looks
This is how Yahoo Food looks

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