Yahoo Kills Web Coding Program

The Yahoo User Interface library has been retired

Yahoo has decided to kill its Yahoo User Interface library, a web programming project that hasn’t been getting that much attention in recent years.

“Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to immediately stop all new development on YUI in order to focus our efforts on this new technology landscape. This means that, going forward, new YUI releases will likely be few and far between, and will only contain targeted fixes that are absolutely critical to Yahoo properties,” said Julien Lecomte, Director of Engineering for Yahoo Presentation Technologies.

While Yahoo continues to be a major name in the Internet world, especially since it has pretty popular sites, Google is much more likely to be at the top of one’s mind when thinking of online programming.

That being said, the Yahoo User Interface library is dead, but that doesn’t mean that the company is giving up on its web programming dreams. In a tweet, Lecomte asked people to say if they were interested in working on “cutting edge web technologies.”

As a reminder, YUI is a JavaScript library that programmers can include on their sites for a series of features, such as graphics, sliders or drag-and-drop actions. Large JavaScript libraries have lost some of their popularity in recent years as many developers look at them as “walled gardens they don’t want to be locked into.”

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