Yahoo Kills 10 Mobile Apps, to Make Room for More

Yahoo wants to focus more on mobile, so it's shutting down some apps

Borrowing a page out of Google's playbook, Yahoo has announced that it is focusing even more on mobile, by killing off a bunch of mobile apps. It's quite a long and somewhat surprising list, since it contains apps linked to some of Yahoo's most popular properties.

"We’re moving forward with a 'mobile first' mindset. You can expect to see more new Yahoo! mobile products in 2012, especially in areas ripe for innovation that build on Yahoo!’s strengths," Yahoo explained.

Here's the full list of apps getting the axe: iPad or iPhone - Yahoo Meme, Yahoo Mim, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Sketch-a-Search, Yahoo AppSpot; Android - Yahoo Answers, Yahoo AppSpot, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo News; BlackBerry - Yahoo Finance.

The idea seems to be to focus on the things that work, be them trusted old apps such as Mail or Messenger, and on new things that no one else is doing.

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