Yahoo to Get a Windows 8 Inspired, Touch Friendly Redesign – Screenshots

The homepage drives incredible amounts of traffic for Yahoo

Yahoo is looking to reinvent itself and, while the focus is on mobile, the big assets remain the Yahoo homepage and Yahoo Mail. So it's obvious that Yahoo will double down on what's already working.

It's now testing a new version of the homepage with a radical new design, one similar in some ways to the Windows 8 tiles, but incidentally, one that works very well on a tablet.

Yahoo's already working on a new logo and some people have spotted an updated homepage with infinite scrolling. This latest test is the biggest departure though.

Front and center, you'll be presented by a wall of images leading to various stories on Yahoo. You can scroll left to right, swipe if you're on tablet and tap on the photos to go to the articles.

It's a look shared by many mobile centric apps, Flipboard or other readers come to mind. Yahoo has been using this tiled look in other parts of the site, in image search for example. The new design is in testing, but expect to see it or a variation roll-out soon enough, maybe by the end of the year.


The new Yahoo homepage (2 Images)

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