Yahoo Copies Google's Knowledge Graph in New Search Test

Yahoo is looking over at Google and copying a big part of its search engine

Yahoo is apparently doing its best to copy Google with is brand-new search results tests.

According to All Google Testing, the right column on some of Yahoo’s search results page look awfully familiar. That’s because they’re basically copying the Google Knowledge Graph.

The new section appears on the right of the page, in a separate box. For instance, searching for Apple will display the regular results on the left – homepage, stock prices, Wikipedia link and so on. On the right, the box contains the company’s name, area of activity, homepage link, a brief description from Wikipedia, online shopping categories, and a list of top products from various vendors.

A list of five similar companies is also displayed in the lower area.

The similarities are impossible to miss, and it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not Yahoo will stick to the idea or choose originality.

The company hasn’t exactly rolled out the changes just yet, but it could do so in the near future. As the blog points out, there are ways for anyone curious enough to test this out on their own by accessing the browser developer console and pasting in a code.

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