Yahoo Complains That Facebook Bought Patents Just to Attack It

And added two more patents to its lawsuit against the social network

Yahoo and Facebook continue to trade blows, in the patent wars Yahoo started. Facebook is bulking up on patents, buying quite a lot of them from iBM and Microsoft. But Yahoo has now filed more claims against Facebook, based on two additional patents, for a total of 12.

"Today’s filing underscores the breadth of Facebook’s violation of Yahoo!’s intellectual property," Yahoo said in a statement.

Facebook previously filed counterclaims to Yahoo's lawsuit. Unsurprisingly, Yahoo was very dismissive of the counterclaims saying that Facebook didn't invent any of the patents it used and they were all acquired, some after Yahoo's lawsuit.

This, Yahoo says, proves that Facebook only bought the patents to use against Yahoo, not that there was anyone thinking otherwise.

Facebook responded to Yahoo's latest salvo by saying that it's "puzzled by Yahoo's erratic actions." Understandably, it doesn't think much of the latest Yahoo filling. There's a lot more to come, unfortunately.

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