Yahoo Changes the Way Its Ads Look on Your Mobile Device

Yahoo has redesigned its mobile ads, making them more image-centric

Yahoo is trying to win back some of its slice of advertising money and has launched a new type of image-rich native ads for mobile devices.

“We’re excited to transform the advertising experience across Yahoo by rolling out new, image-rich native ads — designed to be mobile-first, seamlessly integrated with the content, and targeted to the right consumer to drive even better results. The new ads are available through Yahoo Gemini,” the announcement reads.

Yahoo’s Net Brody, head of Americas, has revealed that it was only natural to create a new type of ads, especially since the entire network of sites and tools of Yahoo have been redesigned over the past year.

Brody claims that millions of people visit Yahoo every day to read the news, search for information, and check the weather, mail, and more from their mobile devices. In fact, the company notes that more than half of the global monthly activity on Yahoo’s sites comes from mobile devices.

The new ads will be marked as sponsored and will provide personalized content streams to users, complete with article pages and image galleries across Yahoo’s products.

“When people tap on the ads, they can visit the brand’s site directly or view a full-screen visual for even greater interactivity and impact. Top advertisers including Netflix are already using these new ad formats,” Brody says.

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