Yahoo Buys Startup Wander, Doesn't Kill the App for Once

It's quite rare for Yahoo to buy a startup and not shatter the app it developed

Yahoo has acquired Wander, a startup based in New York. Wander aims to change the way the world creates content through a social diary.

Wander’s app called Days enables users to create a series of photographs and gifs that can be shared the next day, like a story.

“We’re excited to announce that we’ve accepted an offer to bring our work on daily habits to Yahoo. We started our company with the vision of transforming daily habits, and we’re proud to be joining a new one that shares that mission,” reads a blog post from Wander.

The company’s entire team is moving over to Yahoo’s New York office where it will join the Mobile and Emerging Products group.

They’ll go on as a startup team within a larger organization, which means that Days will not be killed off. Instead, it will continue working as a standalone entity.

According to TechCrunch, the price tag was north of $10 million, although no specific number was released by either company.

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