Wreck It Ralph Is the Most Pirated Movie of the Week

Gangster Squad and The Master are new entries in the top 10

The deluge of DVD screeners hasn't stopped, this week's most pirated movie being the popular animated film Wreck It Ralph, though there are a couple of new entries in there that have arrived via the regular, illegal channels.

Overall, the number of screeners is going down, for a while all the top 10 downloaded movies were screeners.

Wreck It Ralph debuted straight at number one this week, followed by the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, which has been around for a while on BitTorrent.

Life of Pi went down from the top spot to occupy the third place. Gangster Squad and The Master, both new entries, follow.

The last new entry is the horror flick The Haunting in Connecticut 2, which barely made it into the top 10 but will probably exit by next week.

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