WordPress.com Debuts Enterprise Tier with Unlimited Hosting and All Premium Features Included

WordPress.com Enterprise starts at $500, €382 per month per site

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, founded by WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, has been trying, and succeeding in fact, to create a revenue model from blogging.

To date, it's been making money by selling premium features to regular users, such as the ability to customize themes, and by selling a white-label service, WordPress.com VIP to big blogs such as TechCrunch or GigaOM.

Now, it's adding a third tier, WordPress.com Enterprise, a mixture of the two. It comes with all of the premium features available to regular users, as well as some of the perks VIP customers get.

"[WordPress.com Enterprise includes] all of our paid upgrades, including premium themes and Custom Design, and the best of all the built-in WordPress.com VIP features such as 70+ approved plugins which include integrations with top partners such as Flipboard, Chartbeat, and Facebook, and custom JavaScript for $500 [€382] a month per site," WordPress.com explained.

In essence, Enterprise is a top notch hosting service with a hassle-free WordPress install and all the additional themes and plugins you'd want.

It should be particularly popular with companies or people that want to set up a site quickly and have it able to withstand any traffic you can throw at it, which WordPress.com definitely can.

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