Wolfram Alpha Pro to Be Able to Analyze Data Sheets, Images, Audio and So on

The paid service will debut shortly and greatly expand Wolfram Alpha's capabilities

Wolfram Alpha, the knowledge engine that has been pitted against Google despite not being very similar, is ready to take it to the next level. The paid level that is, with the introduction of Wolfram Alpha Pro, a paid service that goes beyond text queries and can analyze images, audio files, even 3D objects.

Wolfram Alpha Pro, which is about to launch, but is not available yet, will be able to work all sorts of magic on data handed to it.

Feed it a spreadsheet and Wolfram Alpha Pro can not only generate charts and 3D views exportable in a variety of formats, but it can also add its own data to the mix, or perform analysis to determine what type of data it has been provided and how to best display it or make use of it.

Another very interesting addition is the possibility to upload an image or an audio file and have Wolfram Alpha analyze it and provide as much information on it as possible.

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