With "Lemme Tweet That for You," Fake Tweets Have Never Been Easier

You can create a fake tweet for any Twitter user out there

Twitter makes it very easy for people to post stupid things. Fortunately, it also makes it easy to delete them. Of course, once you put something on the internet, you're not getting it back, someone, somewhere will take a screenshot.

But a screenshot of a tweet isn't exactly proof it existed, especially with sites like "Lemme Tweet That for You" making it so easy to create fake tweets.

The single-serving site is simple and to the point. You provide an ID and if it's a real one, the avatar and the background image is pulled from Twitter and added to the fake tweet.

You can then write whatever you want, you can even customize the number of retweets and favorites that the fake tweet got, as well as the time and date. When you’re done, you get a nice JPG to have fun with.

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