With VimpelCom Deal, Wikipedia Zero Is Available for Free to 330 Million People

Wikipedia Zero offers access to the site without data charges

Wikipedia Zero aims to bring the site and all of its knowledge to everyone on the planet for free or as free as it can be. What this means is waiving data traffic costs, but to do this, Wikipedia needs to cooperate with carriers around the world.

For the past few years, it's been doing just that and Wikipedia Zero now reaches some 330 million mobile users.

"We’re excited to announce VimpelCom, the sixth largest mobile network operator in the world, as the newest partner in the Wikipedia Zero program," Wikipedia announced.

"VimpelCom’s footprint covers eighteen countries with a base of almost 210 million mobile subscribers primarily in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. We are setting out to bring Wikipedia Zero to a minimum of 100 million VimpelCom subscribers in developing countries later this year, with more to follow in 2014," it added.

Wikipedia Zero already reaches some 230 million users, but with this latest addition, it's gaining 100 million more, at least, with even more coming next year.

What this means is that more people than ever can access the site via their feature phones without paying anything more than they're already paying.

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