Windows Azure Cuts Storage Prices, Following Google and Amazon

Competition is strong in cloud computing, which can only be a good thing for users

Completely unsurprising, Microsoft has announced that Windows Azure storage pricing is taking a cut. The price cut varies, but it can be as much as 28 percent Microsoft announced.

This after both Google and Amazon dropped prices as well. Google, in fact, did it twice, once before and once after Amazon's announcement.

It wouldn't be all that surprising, though more than a bit silly, to see Google dropping prices once again. Price cuts are always great, but they don't really mean that much in cloud computing.

Hardware prices are always dropping, hard drive prices are no exception. As it gets cheaper and cheaper for cloud companies to offer storage services, the prices drop for users as well. You can thank the heavy competition in the field for that.

In the end what matters is that developers and companies big and small have a lot of options to choose from and that cloud computing will continue to become more affordable.

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