WikiLeaks Party Has Surprisingly High Support Among Voters

Julian Assange's party registers for elections and hopes for Senate seats

It’s not your usual political party, but Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Party actually has chances to occupy Senate seats representing Australian areas Victoria and New South Wales.

A poll taken recently on a national level found that 26 percent of those of voting age said they were likely to vote for the WikiLeaks leader and his political party, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The party has high support in New South Wales, with 36% of those interviewed saying they’re likely to vote for the new party for the Senate.

While Assange and his famous website WikiLeaks have been a pain for a lot of governments and army officials that didn’t know how to protect their classified information, the Australian native has won the general public’s seal of approval.

New parties are required to register by May 13 in order to appear on the election ballot papers. WikiLeaks Party has won 1300 new members in the past month alone.

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