Where to Watch Obama's Inauguration Ceremony Online

The 2013 ceremony will be live streamed in plenty of places

Barack Obama's second inauguration won't have the symbolism of the first, but then again, it won't have the optimism of the first either. He's had four years leading the US and hasn't really lived up to many of the things he promised or people imagined he would have done.

Promising the same things he promised four years ago isn't going to cut it, though it's hard to see what else he would promise.

In any case, you'll be able to see the US president elect make those promises live in any number of places and on pretty much every device you own, that's apart from the TV of course.

To watch the ceremony, plus the concerts and everything else, you can simply go straight to the source, the official website. There will be a live stream there, plus plenty of other info on the ceremony.

If you're on the go, or would rather watch on your phone or tablet, you can get the Official 2013 Inauguration app for both iOS and Android.

Another always reliable way is YouTube, there will be an official live stream and one in Spanish provided by Univision. All of the major TV networks in the US will have a stream as well, on their site.

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