What Font Are You, the Answer to the Age-Old Question Finally Revealed by Science

Everyone has wondered about this at one point in their lives

Ever wondered what font you would be, were you to be a font? Neither has any other person not under the influence of mind altering substances. But now that you've read the question you can't not find out.

Luckily, you can, from a website on the internet. Blogthings.com, home of countless other scientific tests and tools such as "What does your name mean?" or "Drag queen name generator," has just the thing for you.

By answering six very carefully selected questions, you can now find out the answer to the burning question that has been nagging you for the past 30 seconds "What font are you?"

Things like "are you a geek or not" and "do you consider yourself upper class" will help the site pinpoint exactly what font you are.

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