Web Guru Tim Bray to Leave Google

Google is losing one important member as he refuses to relocate

Tim Bray, a well-known web guru, has decided to leave Google for a very simple reason – he wants to work from home.

Bray has been seeking to achieve this for a long time and since Google has no intention of building an office in Vancouver, the decision couldn’t be prevented.

“Both before and after being hired, I had been asked to consider moving south. I didn’t want to and politely declined. Eventually, the group I’m in politely informed that staying remote wasn’t an option,” Bray explains.

Since he’s no particular fan of the Bay Area where Google has its headquarter, he was never even tempted to relocate.

However, Bray admits that he’s sad about his decision. “I’ll miss the chance to use the Google fulcrum which, applied intelligently, has enough leverage to move the whole Internet. Also, a lot of really cool people work there; I’ll miss them most,” he explains before adding that the pay was also good.

He’s parting ways with Google on good terms after four years. He has no current plans for the future.

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