Web Developers Rejoice, Google Blink Will Drop Vendor Prefixes

Hopefully getting rid of this damaging trend in web development

Here's at least one thing that web developers have to look forward too now that Blink is a reality, besides more testing work, Google is dropping the practice of vendor-specific prefixes. Mozilla has already done this in Firefox and Google is following suit.

While -webkit- prefixes will continue to work for features that are currently prefixed in WebKit, no new ones will be added, there will be no -blink- or -chromium- prefix.

"This approach can be harmful to compatibility because web content comes to rely upon these vendor-prefixed names," Google explained.

"Going forward, instead of enabling a feature by default with a vendor prefix, we will instead keep the (unprefixed) feature behind the 'enable experimental web platform features' flag in about:flags until the feature is ready to be enabled by default," it added.

With the proliferation of vendor-specific prefixes, the web is now littered with code for each big browser engine. Developers have to write the same code three, four or five times to deal with this.

Even worse, some developers only write code for one vendor, effectively locking out other browsers even if they actually support the feature. It's gotten so bad that Opera resorted to supporting the -webkit- prefix to ensure that web pages worked.

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