Watch Google’s Project Glass Glasses Skydive into the I/O Conference Center

I/O attendees were able to pre-order a limited series of the device

Sergey Brin crashed his own event yesterday to showcase one of the most exciting Google products in a while, Project Glass, the computer glasses. Google showcased the idea a while ago and showed a few prototypes. Googlers were spotted wearing the devices at various points.

But Google wanted something special for I/O and it's safe to say it managed just that. It had several people jump out of a blimp above the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where I/O takes place, land on the roof and then hand over a package to several bikers to carry to the stage.

The package, of course, was a pair of Google glasses that Brin showed to the crowd. But he had something even better prepared; he announced that all US-based attendees will be able to pre-order a special version of the device, the Explorer edition which will ship next year and which will go for $1,500 / €1,200.

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