Watch 18 Moonshot Ideas from Google's 2013 Solve for X for the Biggest Problems in the World

Google is also making it possible for anyone to submit their moonshot ideas

A while back, Google announced the Solve for X initiative which aims to bring in experts in many fields to solve the world's biggest problems. It's no small undertaking, but Google is using its name and its money to get people together and start talking.

It has now just hosted the 2013 edition of the event. 18 experts presented their ideas and Google has now made available videos for all of the presentations made during the event.

Solve for X is interested in big ideas, solutions 10 times better than what we currently have, moonshot thinking as Google labels it.

Google is quite fond of moonshot ideas in general, Larry Page in particular likes huge improvements over incremental ones. That's the thinking behind things like the self-driving cars or Google Glass.

With Solve for X, Google is looking for people with the same thinking and it highlights the best ideas it receives in its regular presentations.

Along with videos of the 18 moonshot proposals shown during the 2013 event, Google is also updating the Solve for X website to allow anyone to submit moonshot ideas and discuss existing ones.

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