Wannabee Googlers Can Use Google+ to Find Jobs

Google is building Google+ into everything as it promised

Google has tens of thousands of employees, with or without Motorola, but it's always looking for more. In fact, given the competition between tech companies and startups, engineers at least are in high demand.

It's no surprise then that Google is making it as easy as possible for the people actually looking to work at Google.

The latest addition to the company's job boards is integration with Google+, if there was any doubt over Google's plan to bring Google+ to everything. The company claims Google+ is just that, Google "plus," an enhanced version of the current services.

The new integration helps wannabee Googlers look for their dream job, "star" the ones the like or even get in touch with existing Googlers. Google is pushing the new integration hard, you won't be able to miss the new features if you do a search on the site.

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