W3C, Google, Mozilla, Apple & co. Back "Web Platform" Docs, the Mother of All Reference Sites

The new site aims to become the biggest resource for web developers on the web

Developing for the web is both more exciting than it's ever been and more complicated than it's ever been. The modern web is powerful, but it's also fragmented. Most modern browsers strive to support the same things, but there are small differences in implementations, prefixed features and so on.

The Web Platform Docs projects aims to provide a complete set of resources for web developers with the aim of becoming the go-to site for info.

The fact that it's backed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) along with Google, Apple, Opera, Mozilla and Microsoft, aka all the major browser makers, along with Adobe, Facebook, HP and Nokia, should help with that.

"Web Platform Docs is a community-driven site that aims to become the comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation," Google explains.

There's plenty of info on the web already, but developers have to run around dozens of sites to piece it all together. The new site aims to pull all the resources together and have everything in one place.

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