Vimeo Starts Labeling Videos Not Safe for Co-Workers, Kids or Apple

Vimeo allows all sorts of videos, but it does require that you label them now

It seems that people are all of a sudden discovering that there's "adult" content on the internet. This shocking revelation has caused quite a bit of sensation and it seems that everyone is now taking steps to, if not get rid of it completely, limit its reach.

Well, that may have more to do with Apple's notorious prudishness than anything else, but Vimeo is joining the list of sites and apps that are getting a better labeling system to make it easier to separate the "not safe for most work" from the "really not safe for any work." Depending on where you work, of course.

The latest to put some boundaries is Vimeo, which doesn't have a problem with most types of videos. It still doesn't, but it is introducing tools to make it easier to label them.

"To make sure Vimeo remains accessible to all audiences, we’re introducing content ratings, which let viewers know what’s in the video they’re about to watch. All videos on Vimeo will now have a little badge next to their title: 'All Audiences,' 'Mature,' or 'Not Yet Rated'," Vimeo explained.

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