Vimeo Debuts Instagram-like Filters for Video, Calls Them "Looks"

The video site wants to make it easier for creators to enhance their videos

Vimeo has been struggling to retain its identity but also grow its audience. This has led to some tension, but the site has mostly sided with maintaining its uniqueness.

Now though, it's taking a big step in the other direction by implementing filters, i.e. the things that make Instagram photos not look completely horrible.

Now, if your artistic project seems to be missing something and you can't quite say what, Vimeo has the answer, just apply some vintage color filters for a guaranteed improvement.

It's calling the new feature "Looks" and it's available via the web-based editor Vimeo debuted a while ago.

In Vimeo's defense, creators get over 500 filters to choose from and they have some customization options. It's also possible to apply the effects only to some portions of the video and adjust their intensity.

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