Vimeo Adds PayPal Support, the No. 1 Requested Feature for 3 Years

Finally offering an option besides credit cards for Plus and PRO

Vimeo has announced that it is now accepting PayPal as a payments provider, for any purchases made on the site, including for the premium accounts. This may not seem like much of a big deal, but it's been the number one requested feature for the past three years.

While Vimeo won't go into the details, it seems that there were some issues in adding PayPal support to the site, as it has been struggling since it launched Vimeo Plus, the paid account version, in 2008.

"First, we are VERY SORRY it took so long. But second, we are VERY EXCITED to finally offer our members PayPal support for both Plus and PRO accounts as well as Music Store purchases," Vimeo wrote.

Now, anyone with a PayPal account will be able to sign up for a Plus or even a PRO account. Existing users will be able to switch from credit cards when their annual renewal date comes.

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