Venezuela and Bolivia Reject Extradition Orders for Snowden

Snowden isn't even on their territories, but the US demands his extradition

South American countries are one by one rejecting extradition orders from the United States regarding Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower.

Snowden has requested asylum in Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador. So far, Bolivia and Venezuela have already expressed their refusal to extradite the NSA whistleblower.

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has confirmed that he received an order for the extradition of Edward Snowden from the United States. However, he immediately rejected any type of extradition.

Similarly, the Bolivian government has rejected the extradition, claiming that it was "baseless and illegal."

"The bizarre, legally baseless and unusual request for the extradition of a person who is not on the territory of the state in question, will be returned to the United States immediately," said the foreign minister.

The request comes only a few hours after the Bolivian presidential aircraft was blocked from the airspace of France, Portugal and Spain under the suspicion that Snowden was on board.

The South American countries have classified this as an act against the Bolivian president and claimed that the United States were behind the blockage.

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