Vdio, Rdio for Video, to Launch in the US and the UK, Now in Private Beta

The service is more akin to iTunes than Netflix and face a stiff competition

With Rdio being a huge hit, the people behind it are looking at the next big thing, Vdio, which you can probably guess what it does. Put another way, since Rdio isn't really taking the world by storm, it's worth looking at other options.

Vdio is the brainchild of Janus Friis, one of the people that created Rdio, along with Skype and a few other things.

While the relation to Rdio would seem to suggest that Vdio is a video streaming service, akin to Netflix, it's actually just an online video rental store, akin to iTunes.

The company has been in stealth mode for a while now, but the site is now up along with a private beta test in the US and the UK.

There's not much to go on aside from a screenshot of what the site will apparently look like when it goes public. But what's there is enough to make it clear that it's just another video rental site.

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