VW to Block Off-Hours Emails to Keep Employees from Working Round the Clock

The company is taking the measure to ensure that employees get to switch off from work

Technology has been blurring the lines between work hours and off-time for several years now and it's only getting worse. With the number of smartphones increasing, it's easier than ever to get some work done, even if that means shooting out a couple of emails.

But that's not always a good thing. Some companies, being able to get in touch with their employees at all times abuse that, while some employees can't switch off even when at home.

So, perhaps, a measure like the one VW agreed to, after negotiations with the worker unions, is necessary, even if it's not a universal remedy.

The company has agreed to stop sending emails from work accounts after hours, specifically, one hour after the shift ends and until the next morning. It's not the only company to do this and not all employees are included, but expect more similar measures to start being implemented.

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