Under Pressure, Mega Resellers Remove PayPal Option

Mega has been under the attack since before it was launched

It's been a week since Mega launched and the site has stayed in the spotlight all that time. It came under scrutiny over its security practices and over its copyright protection policies, but so far it managed to get through.

There have been some problems though, several of the companies reselling pro accounts have had their PayPal payments option removed.

Currently, Mega doesn't sell access to pro accounts itself. Users buy vouchers at any of the resellers and can then redeem them on the site.

It seems that four of the ten resellers now no longer offer the option of paying via PayPal. PayPal has had a hard stance on illegal sites and even legal ones that it doesn't "like."

Its policies state that any file sharing site must be approved by PayPal beforehand, but it's unclear whether this was the cause of the removal.

One anti-piracy group had been attempting to get PayPal to cut off payments to the resellers, arguing that Mega "must" be illegal simply because it's associated with Kim Dotcom. This while Megaupload hasn't been proven illegal yet.

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