US to Release Annual Reports on Secret Court Orders to Telecom Companies Reuters

James Clapper wants to leave the impression of more transparency

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is promising to disclose more data about the government surveillance programs.

Clapper announced a plan to release the total number of legal orders issued every 12 months to telecom companies by the FISA court, as well as the number of targets affected by those orders, Reuters reports.

The legal orders allow the NSA to collect information about subscribers and call records for both past communications and ongoing wiretaps.

However, only the aggregate annual numbers are going to be made public, which doesn’t actually increase the transparency of the NSA too much, or at the very least, not as much as the public would like.

The decision comes after months of criticism from Internet companies, international entities, the media and citizens all over the world in regards to the complete lack of transparency of the surveillance programs unveiled by Edward Snowden.

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