US Supreme Court Refuses to Block NSA Phone Tracking

The Supreme Court could have overruled the FISA court order allowing phone data collection

If there was any question whether the United States was trying to curb the actions of the National Security Agency in any way or if it was actually putting in the effort to figure out whether there was anything illegal going on, now everyone has their answer.

The US Supreme Court has announced it is refusing to intervene in the controversy surrounding the NSA and rejected a call from a privacy group to stop the NSA’s dragnet collection program involving telephone records of US citizens.

Lower courts are going to have a say in the matter, however, as countless cases are already heading towards them across the United States.

The case at the Supreme Court held particular importance because the rules indicate it can overrule a decision made by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the group of judges that signed off on most of the demands made by the NSA. This means that the decision taken by the FISA court to let the NSA collect these phone records could have been nixed.

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