US Senate Demands the Sanction of Countries That Aid Snowden

In another indimidation effort, the US wants to sanction countries that aid Snowden

The United States Senate wants the Department of State to consider imposing sanctions on any nation that willingly assists NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

During a meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the members reached a unanimous decision to ask the Department of State to sanction all countries that are trying to aid Snowden.

The announcement comes after the Amash amendment nearly succeeded in limiting the powers of the NSA and in the context of Snowden’s pending asylum in Russia.

The committee demands countries to be sanctioned for helping Snowden, although many of them are simply choosing to abide the law rather than give in to international pressure.

Ecuador has already been in this position, with US officials threatening to cut down trade deals if they chose to offer Snowden asylum.

In response, Ecuadorean authorities waived the trade deal themselves and even offered to fund human rights courses in the United States, since they seemed to have issues with the notion.

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