US Government Asked for Data on 40,000 People, Yahoo's First Transparency Report Reveals

Yahoo also details the number of accounts it has provided actual data for

Yahoo has published its first transparency report, following several big web companies such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft. It took the company quite a while to do it and, like with all other reports, except for Google's, it only lists the overall number of requests from governments and law enforcement agencies.

The data covers the first half of the year, up to June 30. During that time, it was asked to provide data on 40,322 users in 12,444 different requests.

Yahoo rejected or couldn't provide data for a little over a thousand requests. For 4,604 requests, the company provided content, i.e. emails, chat messages and so on. For 6,798 it only provided meta data, i.e. the account name and so on.

The fact that Yahoo differentiated between requests for data and those for only meta data is encouraging, the more details provided in these reports, the better.

But Yahoo can't disclose the number of secret requests it gets from the US government, which is why it and several other companies are asking for permission to provide those details. The US government, predictably, is doing everything in its power to deny that request.

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