UK ISPs Will Automatically Filter Adult Content by Next Year

You'll still be able to close down the filter for several hours at a time

By 2014, UK Internet users will no longer have access to adult content as Internet providers have decided to collaborate with the government to filter down their customers’ connections.

This type of content will not be completely blocked, they said, and the filter can be turned off for several hours at a time, Wired reports.

They are trying to “make filtering a standard option across industry” through a move that will affect both new accounts, but also those already existing as well.

The system will allow users to turn the filtering off for periods of time. “We will have automatic put on, so if you turn the filter off at 9PM, it turns on again at 7AM,” Claire Perry, member of parliament, said.

The question remains who decides what type of content falls under these restrictions.

Since the move affects all U.K. Internet users and isn’t an optional filter which can be turned on by parents, for instance, many have already wondered if the government even has the right to intervene in such a matter.

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