UK Government to Whitelist Sites Wrongly Caught in Adult Filter

At least the government is admitting the mistakes it made with this filtering tool

The United Kingdom government got into quite a big mess a few months ago when it implemented the nation-wide Internet filtering of adult content. Now, the government is looking to build a whitelist.

Soon after the blockage went live, it became obvious that sites with adult content weren’t the only ones that were being filtered out, but also news sites, and webpages that sought to inform children and others about health, sex education and drugs.

The blockage is supposed to protect children from accidentally reaching adult sites, but when ISPs implemented the changes, the list was extended to content about drugs, weapons and even torrent sites.

Users had to expressly tell their ISPs that they wanted to freely check out such content for it to be allowed, something that upset many people.

Now, after many sites were accidentally caught in the filters just because of some key words, the British government is looking to create a whitelist, BBC reports.

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