UK Considers Allowing Julian Assange to Receive Medical Care

He didn't appear to be in top shape during Thursday's meeting

In a meeting they had on Thursday, Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patino Aroca asked UK Foreign Secretary William Hague if authorities would allow Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange to leave the embassy to receive medical treatment.

According to, this is only a hypothetical case, generated by the fact that Assange didn’t appear to be in top shape in the video call he made during the meeting.

Hague agreed to consider it, but he reminded Ecuador’s minister that international legislation forced the United Kingdom to arrest and deport the founder of the whistleblower site to Sweden.

After the meeting, Patino appeared to be confident that a compromise would be reached at some point.

“Finally, the UK is ready to keep having dialogues at Foreign Ministers level with the purpose of finding a diplomatic solution to the matter,” he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

On the other hand, the accusations Assange will have to face in Sweden, if extradited, are nothing compared to what the United States has in stall for him. Yesterday, we learned that the US was calling him an “enemy of the state.”

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