U.S. Considers Shutting Down NSA Surveillance Programs

The Obama administration is thinking about pulling the plug on NSA spying programs

It only took a month since the NSA programs were revealed, dozens of protests, public outcry from the entire world, including governments and human rights associations, but it looks like the Obama administration might be willing to backtrack on some of its surveillance policies.

Senator Ron Wyden says that privacy and civil liberties advocates could be on the verge of making a comeback due to the blowback caused by the NSA leaked documents, RT reports.

He has also mentioned that the White House might be willing to reconsider the surveillance policies that are set in place after all the criticism they have received over the past few weeks.

So far, president Obama and his administration have stood by the spying programs and went on to claim that everyone was doing it.

According to the leaked documents, the NSA had been collecting all types of data, from phone call metadata to online private conversations from all over the world.

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