Twitter's Translate Feature Vanishes from Web and Mobile Apps

Twitter seems to have pulled the feature after a lot of misses

Seeing the translation of a tweet on the platform is no longer possible after Twitter silently pulled the feature down.

While the tool was rather useful at times, it was more of a miss than a hit because Bing Translate is far from being a perfect solution. It often gave out the wrong translations, sentences that made no sense, or detected the wrong language entirely, even when the input one was actually English, The Next Web reports.

Being able to translate tweets with the click of a button was, however, quite useful and perhaps Twitter will bring this back, this time from Google Translate, although that one isn’t that much better off either.

The feature hasn’t just vanished from, but also from the Twitter mobile apps. It looks like the trial period has ended all around and the company’s higher ups decided that Bing translate just wasn’t up to par.

The extra translate button has been disappearing for people for several days now as users kept mentioning it on Twitter, but it seems to have finally vanished completely now.

It’s not uncommon for Twitter to run experiments on the platform, but the translate one seemed to be here to stay rather than a temporary solution. Either way, we might see it make a return soon.

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