Twitter's New Experiment Sums Up Your Day on the Platform

You'll get messages telling you how your tweets did throughout the day

Forget all those external apps that can provide statistics about your latest Twitter achievements. Twitter is playing with its own tool.

Called Achievement Bird, the Twitter experiment sends users direct messages with their daily performance – number of retweets, favorites, mentions and follows.

Occasionally, the service will also give personalized information about specific tweets and how they performed. Furthermore, if your tweets are used in articles, you’re also likely to get a notification.

Twitter has several such experiments running, most of which send users direct messages with various information. For instance, Magic Recs lets you know who to follow based on the people you have in your own list. Another, called Event Parrot, keeps users up to date with what’s happening in the world, sending out important messages of worldwide interest.

AchievementBird seems to be tapping into the analytics data that Twitter has and provides information to users. This feature is usually available for business users or verified accounts.

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