Running Scams, Twitter Files to Take Over the Domain

Twitter’s a very tempting target for cybersquatters

As one of the biggest names and the biggest sites on the web, Twitter attracts its fair share of unwanted attention. There have been plenty of people trying to profit by using domain names similar to Twitter's, but this latest case is perhaps the most blatant. is currently being used to redirect to all manner of websites, advertisements and even scams.

Twitter has already filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over this and the company should have no problem in getting ahold of the domain name.

What's surprising though is that Twitter doesn't already own the domain. Twitter filed several complaints like this in the past, for, and so on. was registered several years ago and began changing ownership in 2011. It's unclear when it started showing the scammy ads, but what's clear is that it won't be doing it for long, since Twitter has won every case like this.

It seems that this sudden attention to the domain got it added to Google's Safe Browsing blacklist as both Firefox and Chrome warn users when trying to visit it, at least for some of the domains it redirects to.

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