Twitter for Websites Drops Support for Two Internet Explorer Versions

They say that the number of people who still use IE6 and 7 is dropping

Twitter has announced that come May 13, 2013 the Twitter for Websites feature will no longer work for Internet Explorer 6 and 7. The decision is based on the limited usage of the aforementioned browsers.

Twitter for Websites is a feature that was created to aid developers and publishers in spreading various content to more people.

However, the Internet is always evolving and new browsing technology appears constantly, so old technologies become obsolete. Hence, the reason why Twitter doesn’t see a need in continuing to provide support for IE 6 and 7.

The company said that the Tweet button, Follow button, embedded Tweets and timelines would stop working on IE6 in the first stage.

For the time being, these will continue to work for Internet Explorer 7, but this phase isn’t likely to last long.

“Web Intents Events, the framework allowing developers to respond to user interactions with the widgets, will no longer be supported in IE6 and IE7,” the announcement said. “We’re going to remove that to make the library smaller and the events implementation more reliable.”

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