Twitter and Flickr's Secret, Aviary Photo Filters Power Both Their Apps

The Aviary SDK is used by countless apps and websites

In the span of a couple of days, both Twitter and the Flickr iPhone app have finally added the one thing that no mobile app is complete without, photo filters.

Filters weren't very original when they first came about; obviously, using ready-made filters for your lame phone photos isn't anyone's idea of originality to begin with, but these days it's bordering on ridiculous.

Continuing with this theme, the filters themselves aren't even original – in fact they're the very same ones in Flickr and the Twitter apps and they're both powered by Aviary.

The photo-centric company struck gold last year when it decided to put its technology to use and package it as an API/SDK.

Since then, countless apps and websites have opted to incorporate Aviary's technology rather than develop their own.

It makes sense too – photos, particularly photo editing is not crucial to any of these apps, not even the Flickr apps. Anything they would do would be of inferior quality to what Aviary, which specializes in this sort of thing, can come up with.

The impressive part is that Aviary just keeps on partnering with big names; there's hardly an app that offers photo editing that isn’t relying on Aviary these days.

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