Twitter Up to 200 Million Monthly Users, 60 Million More than 9 Months Ago

But Instagram is gaining new users at a huge rate as well

Engaged in a bitter and somewhat strange battle with Instagram, Twitter isn't wasting the opportunity to brag a little about its numbers. It's now at 200 million monthly active users, impressive since it added 60 million in the past nine months.

Especially since, compared to Instagram numbers, Twitter is starting to look a bit stale. Instagram broke through the 100 million users mark this year. It had less than 30 million users when it launched its Android app in early April.

It's safe to say that it added even more users since the last update in September. There is a difference, a big difference, between monthly active users and registered users, which is what Instagram is reporting.

Obviously, Instagram is not a direct competitor to Twitter. But both are heading in somewhat similar directions and their user base overlaps a great deal.

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