Twitter Trends Now in 100 More Cities

The trending topics feature is now available in more locations

Twitter's got a lot on its plate, with its feud with Instagram and increasing developer resentment, but it's not letting that stop it. It has now added 100 new cities to its local trending topics feature.

The feature is already localized, at the city level in the US and a few other places and at the country level elsewhere.

Now, it's adding 100 more cities, for a total of 200 different locations where trending topics, or Trends as they're called now, are available.

"We’re bringing Trends to 100 more cities around the world including Istanbul, Frankfurt, Guadalajara and Incheon," Twitter announced.

One way of finding out whether your city is included is simply to visit Twitter and change the location of the Trends feature. Select your country and see if your city is now available.

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