Twitter Tests Out a Way to Mute Annoying Accounts

We all get annoyed with Twitter users who spoil the shows we have to wait to see

Twitter is always playing around with a myriad of new features, and this time, the company is trying out a way to help you mute irritating tweets.

Just as it has given mobile users a way to favorite accounts, Twitter is now giving them a way to mute accounts that are starting to get on their nerves without necessarily unfollowing them.

The company also allows users to block people, but this new feature is more temporary. For instance, you can make sure you won’t be getting their updates full of spoilers when you’re watching a popular TV show with a delay or just want to get away from someone that’s way too enthusiastic about whatever game they’re watching.

Twitter isn’t being exactly original with this new feature, since third-party apps have been offering this for some time now, including TweetDeck, a service that Twitter acquired a few years back.

The Verge reports that selected users running the iOS and Android apps have reported seeing the feature, but there’s been no official announcement from Twitter thus far and there likely won’t be one until a final decision is taken.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to either enjoy it or wait until it hopefully reaches you too. Unlike many other tests, this one may be here to stay.

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