Twitter Steals Google Maps Chief Daniel Graf

Graf is the new vice president of consumer product at Twitter

Twitter names Daniel Graf as its new vice president of consumer product. He comes from Google, where he has worked on the Maps project since 2012.

Graf is taking the place of Michael Sippey who left the company back in January.

Before he joined Twitter, Graf was responsible for taking Google Maps a step further into the “enemy lines” after introducing the app to the iPhone, even though Apple had its own competing program. Hopefully, his skills will come in handy and he’ll be able to help Twitter create a proper consumer product strategy.

Given the company’s recent wave of new features that have been introduced in the platform, including the new profiles and a bunch of other tools, Twitter may be heading in the right direction.

Even so, however, Graf’s guidance could come in handy, especially since Twitter has gone one too many times over the same issue. On this issue, for instance, he could draw a definitive line on how the product should look and work both on the web versions and on the mobile tools.

Sippey departed in January, saying in his announcement that after a discussion with the Dick Costolo about what he wanted to do next in his career and what Twitter needed, he decided to move on from the company.

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